Painless websites

We do the all the web work for you!

 This has to be the easiest, simplest and most painless way to set-up a new website  

Just click this link to open the Donain Name Registration page; fill-in the form and the new Domain Name will be yours.

If you just want to get on with it, then fill in the form and we'll do the rest

If you are at all unsure about what to do to get your website up on the internet (World Wide Web - WWweb) then you have come to the right place!

We tell you what needs to be done with your idea, Domain Name or existing website to make a real imapct.
We have web designers who will customise one of our existing templates for your needs, or if you prefer we will design a website for you from scratch.
Domain registration for a single domain name, or multiple names in multiple domains with re-direction to your primary domain is catered for.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be applied to your domain to maximise your 'google' ranking.
We are website developers who design and place affordable websites for our customers' specific needs.
Have a look at the information below about the minutae of getting a website working and decide if you would like to do it yourself (DIY) or whether you would like to hand the task over to experts who are doung all these aspects of website design and optimisation all the time.
If you would like us to look into your specific requirements (everyone is different) then fill in the form and we can take it from there.

If you want to have all the details then read on for more information

Register your Domain Name(s)

All Domain (website) Names MUST be registered
We'll ask what Name(s) you want for your Website(s).
"example" in
We'll ask what Domain(s) you want to register your Name in.
".com" in
We'll check the availability of the Names & Domains you have chosen
— NO — YES — YES
We'll register the Names in the Domains you have chosen
If you want to do this yourself, will help you

Select a Hosting computer/plan

This is the computer your website will "live" on
The Host computer should be permanently connected to the internet
24/7 x 365 at 99.9%
Enough power and capacity for your current and future needs
RAM; Disk space; CPU & Bandwidth
Sufficient "standard" install packages to be able to do what you want
FTP; Databases; Blogs; Graphics galleries; etc...
We'll offer you plans & packages to suit your needs
If you want to do this yourself, will help you

Work on your website content & style

This is the interesting, challenging & fun bit
Tell us what you would like to do with your website
Business brochure; e-mail; Family photos; on-line ordering; auction etc . . .
Have you seen other websites doing what you want to do
This can give us a good idea of what you want/need
Are there specific technologies and applications you want/have to use
This will effect the way we build your website
Do you have the 'copy' (text) for your website
We can work-up the copy if you wish
Would you like us to "market" your website to the world
What market(s) does your website address
Do you have an idea of how many web pages your seite should have
What sorts of areas do you want to cover with this website(s)
Tell us about yourself
We need to have good communication (e-mail at least)
Have you had your own website before
What's the web address (URL)
You get the idea of what's happening
Fill in the form and we'll get straight back to you

Managing your website

We know how to get the most from your website!
You may manage the website yourself
Host with they will provide loads of management tools
We can "set & forget" your website.
You will look after all the on-going maintenance
We'll handle the routine communications for you
We give a "real person" response to e-mails and regular communications
Up-dating your webpages (1)
You provide the copy & we will format it and place it in your website
Up-dating your webpages (2)
If you wish we can develope the copy (and all the content) for you too!

You want a website, we'll make it happen for you in the simplest way possible!

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